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Four sons of Horus: Quiz


Question 1: Duamutef, the jackal headed son of Horus, protected the stomach of the deceased and was in turn protected by the goddess ________.
Set (mythology)NeithEgyptian pantheonIsis

Question 2: As the king, or Pharaoh was seen as a manifestation of, or especially protected by, ________, these parts of the deceased pharaoh, referred to as the Osiris, were seen as parts of Horus, or rather, his children,[5] an association which did not diminish with each successive pharaoh.
HorusIsisApis (Egyptian mythology)Set (mythology)

Question 3: This left the stomach (and small intestines), ________, large intestines, and lungs, which were removed, embalmed and stored, each organ in its own jar.
PancreasEndocrine systemLiverImmune system

Question 4: In Spells 112 and 113 of the ________ which have their origins in the earlier Coffin Texts Spells 157 and 158, it is described how Horus has his eye injured, and because of this is given the sons of Horus:
MaatBook of the DeadAncient Egyptian religionFour sons of Horus

Question 5: Since Horus was their father, so ________, Horus' original wife (i.e.
OsirisEgyptian pantheonHathorIsis

Question 6: As one of the four pillars of Shu and one of the four rudders of heaven he was associated with the North, and is specifically referenced as such in Spell 148 in the ________.
Ancient Egyptian religionFour sons of HorusBook of the DeadMaat

Question 7: Part of a series on
SyncretismAncient Egyptian religionGnosticismPrehistoric religion

Question 8: The four sons of Horus were a group of four ________ in Egyptian religion, who were essentially the personifications of the four canopic jars, which accompanied mummified bodies.

Question 9: [4] Their association with ________ specifically goes back to the Old Kingdom when they were said not only to be his children but also his souls.
HorusSet (mythology)Apis (Egyptian mythology)Osiris

Question 10: In Spell 151 of the ________ he is given the following words to say:
Four sons of HorusBook of the DeadMaatAncient Egyptian religion


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