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Four-stroke engine: Quiz


Question 1: The resulting massive pressure from the ________ of the compressed fuel-air mixture drives the piston back down toward bottom dead center with tremendous force.
OxygenCombustionFireInternal combustion engine

Question 2: Turbocharging allows for more efficient engine operation at low-to-moderate speeds, but there is a design limitation known as ________.
CarburetorIgnition systemTurbochargerSupercharger

Question 3: This was originally done using a type of air compression device known as a ________, which is powered by the engine crankshaft.
SuperchargerFour-stroke engineTurbochargerManifold (automotive)

Question 4: The cycle begins at top dead center (TDC), when the piston is farthest away from the axis of the ________.
CrankshaftOil pump (internal combustion engine)Two-stroke engineConnecting rod

Question 5: The valves are typically operated by a ________ rotating at half the speed of the crankshaft.
CamshaftOil pump (internal combustion engine)Manifold (automotive)Spark plug

Question 6: The ________ was designed as a part-time method of compressing more air into the cylinder head.
CarburetorSuperchargerIgnition systemTurbocharger

Question 7: An engine where the bore diameter is larger than its stroke length is an ________ engine, conversely, an engine with a bore diameter that is smaller than its stroke length is an undersquare engine.
Stroke ratioOil pump (internal combustion engine)Spark-ignition engineInternal combustion engine

Question 8: A mixture of fuel and ________ is forced by atmospheric (or greater) pressure into the cylinder through the intake port.
EarthAtmosphere of EarthNatureHistory of the Earth

Question 9: The rod-to-stroke ratio is the ratio of the length of the ________ to the length of the piston stroke.
Manifold (automotive)Connecting rodPoppet valveCrankshaft

Question 10: That is why the four-stroke principle today is commonly known as the Otto cycle and four-stroke engines using ________ often are called Otto engines.
Ignition systemCarburetorNaturally-aspirated engineSpark plug

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