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Founding myth: Quiz


Question 1: A founding myth (Greek aition) is the etiological myth that explains the origins of a ________ or the founding of a city, group, belief, philosophy, discipline, idea or nation.

Question 2: A founding myth may serve as the primary exemplum, as the myth of Ixion was the original example of a murderer rendered unclean by his crime, who needed cleansing (________) of his impurity.
PsychotherapyPsychoanalysisRational emotive behavior therapyCatharsis

Question 3: Contrasting examples of Roman founding myths are Virgil's The Aeneid and the popular cult of ________.
Romulus and RemusAncient RomePontifex MaximusRoman Kingdom

Question 4: Founding myths are prominent features of ________ and the Hebrew Bible.
ApolloHeraMuseGreek mythology

Question 5: ________'s 1776 details the development of a modern founding myth.
Robert Penn WarrenTheodore RooseveltJimmy CarterDavid McCullough

Question 6: "Ancient Greek rituals were bound to prominent local groups and hence to specific localities," ________ has observed.
Greek mythologyHomo NecansGreeceWalter Burkert


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