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Foundationalism: Quiz


Question 1: Historically, two varieties of foundationalist theories were rationalism and empiricism (or ________).
AristotleWillard Van Orman QuineInductive reasoningEmpiricism

Question 2: Quine • Wilhelm Windelband • ________ • William of Ockham • William Whewell • more...
PseudoscienceWilhelm WundtEpistemologyRelationship between religion and science

Question 3: Foundationalism is any theory in ________ (typically, theories of justification, but also of knowledge) that holds that beliefs are justified (known, etc.) based on what are called basic beliefs (also commonly called foundational beliefs).

Question 4: Alternatives to foundationalism, usually called anti-foundationalism, include ________, foundherentism, and reformed epistemology.

Question 5: [1] See also pragmatism, postfoundationalism and ________.
David HumeCritical rationalismEmpiricismKarl Popper

Question 6: For example, the belief of ________ is reasonable to hold if you are a child because it fits in with other contextual beliefs such as the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny.
Santa ClausChristmasFather ChristmasChristmas Eve

Question 7: Hence, generally, a Foundationalist might offer the following ________:
FallibilismEpistemologyTheory of justificationSkepticism

Question 8: Braithwaite • René Descartes • Robert Kilwardby • ________ • Rudolf Carnap • Stephen Toulmin • Stoics • Thomas Hobbes • Thomas Samuel Kuhn • Vienna Circle • W.V.O.


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