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Fossil fuel: Quiz


Question 1: Non-fossil sources in 2006 included ________ 6.3%, nuclear 8.5%, and (geothermal, solar, tide, wind, wood, waste) amounting 0.9 percent.
HydroelectricityPumped-storage hydroelectricitySolar powerCoal

Question 2: A global movement toward the generation of ________ is therefore under way to help meet increased energy needs.
Renewable energy commercializationRenewable energyBiofuelRenewable energy development

Question 3: For example, ________ recognizes that Europe's R/C value is 3.0, very low by world standards, and exposes that region to energy vulnerability.
Energy policy of ScotlandEnergy policy of RussiaEnergy policy of the United KingdomEnergy policy of Romania

Question 4: The wide-scale use of fossil fuels, coal at first and petroleum later, to fire steam engines, enabled the ________.
Thomas HighsWilliam RadcliffeTextile manufacture during the Industrial RevolutionIndustrial Revolution

Question 5: At the same time, gas lights using natural gas or ________ were coming into wide use.
Coke (fuel)SyngasCoal gasificationCoal gas

Question 6: Different alternative sources of energy include nuclear, ________, solar, wind, and geothermal.
HydroelectricityCoalPumped-storage hydroelectricityWind power

Question 7: Fossil fuels are formed by the ________ of remains of organisms including phytoplankton and zooplankton that settled to the sea (or lake) bottom in large quantities under anoxic conditions, millions of years ago.
CompostingRecyclingSewage treatmentAnaerobic digestion

Question 8: Semi-solid hydrocarbons from seeps were also burned in ancient times,[7] but these materials were mostly used for waterproofing and ________.

Question 9: Terrestrial plants, on the other hand, tend to form ________.
Wind powerGrid energy storageHydroelectricityCoal

Question 10: Burning coal also generates large amounts of bottom ash and ________.
ChromiumCarbonFly ashBarium


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