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Question 1: Only underground ________ are still able to provide some protection in modern wars.
FortificationCoastal artilleryBunkerTrench warfare

Question 2: The finest examples are, among others, in Nicosia (Cyprus) and ________ (Crete), and they still stand, to this day.

Question 3: The art of setting out a military camp or constructing a fortification traditionally classifies as castramentation, since the time of the ________.
Roman EmpireRoman legionAuxiliaries (Roman military)Roman infantry tactics

Question 4: These are mostly city gates, like the Porta Nigra in ________ or Newport Arch in Lincoln.

Question 5: 1600-1050 BC), as the capital at ancient Ao had enormous walls built in this fashion (see ________ for more info).
SiegeMilitary historyNaval warfareMedieval warfare

Question 6: The founding of urban centres was an important means of territorial expansion and many cities, especially in ________, were founded precisely for this purpose during the period of Eastern Colonisation.
Western EuropeEastern EuropeCentral EuropeBalkans

Question 7: The large walls of ________ serve as one example.
ShanxiXiangfen CountyPingyaoLicheng County

Question 8: Uruk in ancient Sumer (________) is one of the world's oldest known walled cities.
Akkadian EmpireBabyloniaAssyriaMesopotamia

Question 9: rammed earth) walls were built in ancient China since the ________ (c.
Shang DynastyZhou DynastyHan DynastySong Dynasty

Question 10: 2500 B.C.) in present day south-east ________ has defensive walls and square bastions of sun dried bricks.
Non-Aligned MovementCentral Intelligence AgencyNATOAfghanistan


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