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Question 1: The driver initiates gear changes using paddles mounted on the back of the ________ and electro-hydraulics perform the actual change as well as throttle control.
AutomobileHeadlampTireSteering wheel

Question 2: As of the ________ all engine development was frozen until 2009, meaning that the teams must use existing engine specs for the next two seasons.
2006 Brazilian Grand Prix2006 Chinese Grand Prix2006 French Grand Prix2006 Japanese Grand Prix

Question 3: The aerodynamics are adjusted for each track; with a relatively low drag configuration for tracks where high speed is relatively more important like ________, and a high traction configuration for tracks where cornering is more important, like the Circuit de Monaco.
Circuit de Spa-FrancorchampsNürburgringSilverstone CircuitAutodromo Nazionale Monza

Question 4: Former F1 driver ________ claimed to be able to perform 300 reps of 50 pounds with his neck.
Jacques VilleneuveMario AndrettiDario FranchittiJuan Pablo Montoya

Question 5: By regulation the cars use ________.
Four-wheel driveAutomobile layoutFront-wheel driveFront-engine, rear-wheel drive layout

Question 6: The wheel alone can cost about £25,000,[9] and with ________ construction, weighs in at 1.3 kilograms.
Carbon fiberAsbestosAramidNylon

Question 7: Appeals from many of the teams were heard by the FIA, which met in Paris, before the ________ and the use of diffusers was declared as legal.
2009 Australian Grand Prix2009 Chinese Grand Prix2009 Bahrain Grand Prix2009 Malaysian Grand Prix

Question 8: The ________ regulations specify that cars must be constructed by the racing teams themselves, though the design and manufacture can be outsourced.
2010 Formula One season2009 Formula One seasonMichael SchumacherFormula One

Question 9: The cars' aerodynamics are designed to provide maximum ________ with a minimum of drag; every part of the bodywork is designed with this aim in mind.
TireOversteerDownforceDrifting (motorsport)

Question 10: Formula One cars use semi-automatic sequential ________ with seven forward gears and one reverse gear.
Transmission (mechanics)Direct-Shift GearboxAutomatic transmissionAutomobile


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