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Question 1: The first approach is ________, which consists of a systematically exhaustive exploration of the mathematical model (this is possible for finite models, but also for some infinite models where infinite sets of states can be effectively represented).
Logic in computer scienceBoolean satisfiability problemModel checkingComputability theory

Question 2: The properties to be verified are often described in temporal logics, such as linear temporal logic (LTL) or ________ (CTL).
Mu calculusComputation tree logicFirst-order logicWell-formed formula

Question 3: Formal verification can be helpful in proving the correctness of systems such as: cryptographic protocols, combinational circuits, ________ with internal memory, and software expressed as source code.
Integrated circuitComputerDigital electronicsLogic gate

Question 4: Implementation techniques include state space enumeration, symbolic state space enumeration, ________, symbolic simulation, abstraction refinement.
Abstract interpretationKnaster–Tarski theoremCompilerInterpreter (computing)

Question 5: Validation usually can be done only dynamically, i.e., the product is tested by putting it through typical and atypical usages ("Does it satisfactorily meet all ________?").
IBM Rational Unified ProcessIvar JacobsonUse caseUnified Modeling Language

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