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Forestry Commission: Quiz


Question 1: The organisation has a Board of Commissioners with duties and powers prescribed by statute, consisting of a ________ and up to ten other Forestry Commissioners, including its Director General, who are appointed by the Queen.
Parliamentary procedureQuorumCommitteeChairman

Question 2: It is working with many user groups to promote the use of its land for recreation such as hillwalking, ________, mountain biking and horseback riding.
Sustainable transportUtility cyclingBicycleCycling

Question 3: Activities carried out on the forest estate include ________ harvesting to supply domestic industry, replanting of harvested areas, maintenance and improvement of the natural environment and the provision of recreation.
LumberWood preservationPulp (paper)Wood

Question 4: The Forestry Commission manages 7,720 square kilometres of land in Great Britain, the majority of which (60%) is in Scotland, 26% of the landholding is in ________ and the remainder in Wales[1].
Northern IrelandUnited KingdomEnglandBritish people

Question 5: The Forestry Commission (established in ________) is a non-ministerial government department responsible for forestry in Great Britain.

Question 6: Its mission is to protect and expand Britain's ________ and woodlands and increase their value to society and the environment.
Old-growth forestTemperate broadleaf and mixed forestsTreeForest

Question 7: Its current structure of separate Forestry Commissions for England, Scotland and Wales, came into effect on 1 April ________.


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