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Forest Park (Portland, Oregon): Quiz


Question 1: [24] The regional government has also proposed connecting Wildwood Trail to the partly completed Westside Trail running north–south through Washington County to the ________.
Fanno CreekTualatin RiverWashington County, OregonHillsboro, Oregon

Question 2: From this point and from more remote Forest Park trailheads near the ________, other components of the 40 Mile Loop system of trails encircle the city.
Ross Island BridgeMarquam BridgeBroadway Bridge (Portland)St. Johns Bridge

Question 3: [5] It is one of the largest ________ reserves in the U.S, though its exact ranking has been questioned.
Urban forestAir pollutionCityChicago

Question 4: This part of the larger park, which includes the Forest Park field headquarters, is heavily used by pedestrians entering ________ Canyon from nearby city streets.
Columbia SloughTryon CreekBalch CreekForest Park (Portland, Oregon)

Question 5: Another two percent had reached the shrub stage, between three and thirty years old, with small trees dominated by such plants as thimbleberry, salmonberry, and ________.
HerbalismBlackberryRubus armeniacusRaspberry

Question 6: [34] Invasive species include English ivy, European holly, ________, morning glory, and Himalayan blackberry.
Clematis lanuginosaClematisClematis integrifoliaClematis ligusticifolia

Question 7: Stretching for more than 8 miles (13 km) on hillsides overlooking the ________, it is one of the country's largest urban forest reserves.
Columbia SloughJohnson Creek (Willamette River)Columbia RiverWillamette River

Question 8: In 2005, a reporter for ________ newspaper interviewed biologists, conservationists, Parks and Recreation officials, and others about the health of Forest Park and its future prospects.
Advance PublicationsThe Plain Dealer (newspaper)The Star-LedgerThe Oregonian

Question 9: Chugach State Park in ________, was in first place with 490,125 acres (1,983 km2).
Juneau, AlaskaSeward, AlaskaFairbanks, AlaskaAnchorage, Alaska

Question 10: [40] Amphibian species frequenting the Audubon Society pond include rough-skinned newts, ________, and salamanders.
HylidaeGarter snakePacific Tree FrogChorus frog

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