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Question 1: Estonian Omakaitse relied on the former regulations of ________ and Estonian Army, insofar as they were consistent with the laws of German occupation.
Estonian NavyEstonian Defence LeagueMaavägiEstonian Air Force

Question 2: As ________ repression intensified over the following years, 50,000 residents of these countries used the heavily-forested countryside as a natural refuge and base for armed anti-Soviet resistance.
Joseph StalinSocialism in One CountryEastern BlocStalinism

Question 3: The ranks of the resistance swelled with the Red Army's attempts at ________ in the Baltic states after the war, with fewer than half the registered conscripts reporting in some districts.
United StatesMilitary serviceConscriptionConscientious objector

Question 4: The ideals of ________ and self-determination had taken hold with many people as a result of having established independent states in Estonia and Latvia for the first time after 13th century.
NationalismLeft-wing nationalismAnti-nationalismFascism

Question 5: (See Sąjūdis, The Baltic Way, ________) All three republics regained their independence in 1991.
Singing RevolutionJanuary Events (Lithuania)January 1991 events in LatviaEastern Bloc economies

Question 6: The ________ occupied the independent Baltic states in 1940–1941 and, after a period of German occupation, again in 1944–1945.
RussiaRed ArmySoviet Armed ForcesEastern Front (World War II)

Question 7: The Latvian government has asserted that the ________, primarily composed of the 15th and 19th Latvian Waffen-SS divisions, was neither a criminal nor collaborationist organization.
2 SS Infantry BrigadeNazi GermanyLatvian LegionWorld War II

Question 8: The senior staff were arrested on May 15, 1944, with General Plechavičius being deported to the concentration camp in ________, Latvia.

Question 9: On that day, the red flag shot down earlier on Pikk Hermann was replaced with the ________ by Fred Ise only to be changed by a German Reichskriegsflagge a few hours later.
Flag of DenmarkFlag of GermanyFlag of EstoniaFlag of Lithuania

Question 10: Later, candidate members were asked to sign a declaration that they were not members of a ________ organisation.
MarxismCommunist stateCommunismSocialism

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