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Foreplay: Quiz


Question 1: Stimulation can be achieved by mouth, hands, sex toys like ________ or vibrators, or common household objects like feathers or ice cubes.
Artificial vaginaDildoMasturbationVibrator (sex toy)

Question 2: Technically, foreplay ends with ________, or the beginning of intercourse.
Sexual intercourseMasturbationPregnancyHuman sexual behavior

Question 3: Sexual role playing, fetish activities, and ________ can also be considered foreplay, though they may also accompany intercourse and not just precede it.
BDSMErotic spankingProstitutionHuman sexuality

Question 4: Touching and massaging ________ over clothing, also known colloquially as groping or "heavy petting";
PenisErogenous zoneClitorisVulva

Question 5: One may also hold hands, touch the face, ________, "bite", tickle, or massage.

Question 6: For example, ________ and oral sex are often considered final sexual acts; as final acts with no expectation of further sexual congress, these are not considered foreplay.
Non-penetrative sexFingering (sexual act)FrotIrrumatio

Question 7: Rubbing together erogenous zones over clothing, also known as ________ or grinding;
Fingering (sexual act)Oral sexNon-penetrative sexIrrumatio

Question 8: A ________ or dental dam can be applied in an erotic or playful way as part of the final stages of foreplay.
Sexual abstinenceCondomMasturbationBirth control

Question 9: The Ancient Indian work ________ mentions different types of embracing, kissing, and marking with nails and teeth.
Missionary positionOral sexKama Sutra69 (sex position)

Question 10: [1] The manual or oral stimulation of ________ may be considered foreplay, as well as being part of the sex act itself.
Erogenous zonePenisClitorisVulva

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