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Forensic identification: Quiz


Question 1: typical phrases, factual bias, and/or misspellings of words), or from other traces using other ________ techniques.
SurveillanceBiometricsFingerprintGovernment database

Question 2: [1][2] Analysis of the ________ is also used.
TonerLaser printerAsthmaCarbon

Question 3: Sometimes, ________ and film distributors may intentionally leave subtle forensic markings on their products to identify them in case of piracy or involvement in a crime.

Question 4: ________ can be potentially identified in a similar way, by spacing and wear of their blades.
National Security AgencyPrivacyFourth Amendment to the United States ConstitutionPaper shredder

Question 5: Computers connected to the Internet can often be identified by their ________ or MAC address.
IPv6IP addressIPv4Classless Inter-Domain Routing

Question 6: ________ can be identified by the striations on the bullets they fired and imprints on the cartridge casings.
FirearmHandgunAssault rifleM16 rifle

Question 7: ________ and computer printers can be potentially identified by the minor variants of the way they feed the paper through the printing mechanism, leaving banding artifacts.
Chester CarlsonMimeographPhotocopierLaser printer

Question 8: ________ are characterized by the composition of their paper and ink.

Question 9: Cars can be automatically found on CCTV records by ________.
Radio-frequency identificationTraffic enforcement cameraAutomatic number plate recognitionElectronic toll collection

Question 10: ________ can be identified by minor variations of positioning and wear of their letters.
IBM Selectric typewriterE. Remington and SonsBlickensderfer typewriterTypewriter


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