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Question 1: At localities where the water is shallow enough, but the material on the riverbed will not support heavy vehicles, fords are sometimes improved by the provision of a submerged ________ floor.

Question 2: There are many old fords known as watersplashes in the United Kingdom, examples are at Brockenhurst in ________, Wookey in Somerset and Swinbrook in Oxfordshire.

Question 3: A ford is a much cheaper form of river-crossing than a ________ but it may become impassable after heavy rain or during flood condition.
Arch bridgeCable-stayed bridgeBridgeTruss bridge

Question 4: Although today "brod" in Croatian language literally means "ship", ________ in Croatia, as well as Makedonski Brod in Macedonia and other place names containing "Brod" in Slavic countries are named after fords.
Stara GradiškaSlavonski BrodOsijekNova Gradiška

Question 5: The Dean Ford in Kilmarnock, ________, is significant as it is specifically mentioned in the deeds of this property, which was gifted to the local people.
CaithnessAyrshireShetlandRenfrewshire (historic)

Question 6: There are enthusiasts who seek out and drive through these water features recording details such as wave created, position and access on dedicated ________.
World Wide WebWeb designWebsiteInternet

Question 7: The names of many towns and villages are derived from the word 'ford', for example ________ (a ford where oxen crossed the river: see the Oxford coat of arms), or Stratford (a ford on a Roman road).
OxfordBrighton and HoveSouthamptonPortsmouth

Question 8: A ford is a place in a watercourse (most commonly a stream or ________) that is shallow enough to be crossed by wading, on horseback, or in a wheeled vehicle.
EstuaryRiver deltaDrainage basinRiver

Question 9: Towns such as Maastricht, ________, and Utrecht also formed at fords but the ending tricht, drecht, or trecht is derived from the Latin word traiectum, meaning "crossing".
RotterdamThe HagueDordrechtLeiden

Question 10: Similarly, the German word Furt (as in Frankfurt and Klagenfurt) and the Dutch voorde, (as in Vilvoorde, Coevorden, Zandvoort, or ________) are cognates and have the same meaning.
BaarnAbcoudeUtrecht (city)Amersfoort


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