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Question 1: Even ignoring minor differences in ________ there are many differences in how these statements work and the level of expressiveness they support.
GrammarGenerative grammarSyntaxMorphology (linguistics)

Question 2: Introduced with ________ and followed by PL/I, this allows the iteration of a loop to be compounded with a test, as in
Programming languageC (programming language)Python (programming language)ALGOL 68

Question 3: This C-style for loop is commonly the source of an ________ since the fundamental steps of iteration are completely in the control of the programmer.
Arbitrary-precision arithmeticSoftware bugControl flowInfinite loop

Question 4: ________ has what was considered the universal loop, the full syntax is:
Python (programming language)ALGOL 68C (programming language)Programming language

Question 5: In ________ a for loop is a programming language statement which allows code to be repeatedly executed.
Computer programmingProgramming paradigmSoftware engineeringComputer science

Question 6: Situations where the address of the loop variable is passed as an argument to a ________ make it very difficult to check, because the routine's behaviour is in general unknowable to the compiler.
Programming languageC (programming language)Assembly languageSubroutine

Question 7: A for loop statement is available in most ________ languages.
Functional programmingProgramming paradigmReflection (computer science)Imperative programming

Question 8: The loop body is executed "for" the given values of the loop variable, though this is more explicit in the ________ version of the statement, in which a list of possible values and/or increments can be specified.
ALGOLProgramming languageALGOL 68ALGOL 58

Question 9: Contrary to other languages, in ________ a for loop is not a language construct but defined in the class Number as a method with two parameters, the end value and a closure, using self as start value.
SmalltalkJava (programming language)PerlObject-oriented programming

Question 10: In ________ and PL/I though, the keyword DO is used and it is called a do loop, but it is otherwise identical to the for loop described here.
FortranProgramming paradigmProgramming languageC (programming language)


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