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Question 1:
Who was the composer of For Your Eyes Only (film)?
Michael Leeson
Dominik Scherrer
Setsuo Yamamoto
Jick Nacassian

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did For Your Eyes Only (film) have?

Question 3: Since the film is set in ________, closer to the location of "Risico" than to that of "For Your Eyes Only", the Havelocks were changed from being Jamaican, as in the short story, to an Anglo-Greek couple (Mr.

Question 4:
What proceeded For Your Eyes Only (film)?

Question 5: Afterward, it's one of the most forgettable of the Bond series."[6] IGN ranks For Your Eyes Only as the ninth-best James Bond movie, MSN ranks it as the sixth-best, and ________ ranks it as the eleventh-best.
Money (magazine)Sports IllustratedPeople (magazine)Entertainment Weekly

Question 6:
When was For Your Eyes Only (film) released?
United States: January 1980
United States: 1956-07-27
United States 1972
United States:

Question 7:
Who of these people produced For Your Eyes Only (film)?

Question 8:
Who wrote For Your Eyes Only (film)?
Monte Merrick
Trevor Smith & Rashad Smith
Ian Fleming

Question 9:
What company distributed For Your Eyes Only (film)?

Question 10:
For Your Eyes Only (film), Rani Lakshmibai and Revelstoke, British Columbia are all:
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