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Question 1: Most modern footballs are stitched from 32 panels of waterproofed leather or plastic: 12 regular pentagons and 20 regular ________.
PolygonHexagonRegular polygonOctagon

Question 2: or with more pointed ends: used in ________ and Canadian football
American footballGridiron footballTouch football (American)Arena football

Question 3: A size 5 soccer ball could also be made from ________.

Question 4: The exterior of the ball is made of ________, which is required in professional and collegiate football.
WoolLeather skirtButtonLeather

Question 5: One of these lacing panels receives an additional perforation and reinforcements in its center, to hold the ________ valve.

Question 6: After a series of quality control inspections for ________ and blemishes, workers begin the actual manufacturing process.
WeightEarth's gravityMassForce

Question 7: The standard ball is a Size 5, although smaller sizes exist: Size 3 is standard for team handball and Size 4 in ________ and other small-field variants.
FutsalBeach soccerIce hockeyBasque pelota

Question 8:

Question 9: In North America, the term football refers to a ball used to play ________ or Canadian football (both of which developed from Rugby football).
Gridiron footballAmerican footballTouch football (American)Arena football

Question 10: Brands of balls used include Burley, Ross Faulkner, and the brand used in the ________, the Sherrin.
2001 AFL Grand FinalAFL Grand FinalAustralian Football League2008 AFL season

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