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Question 1:
a combination of American football, soccer, and ________, devised in the United States in 1912.
BasketballNational Basketball AssociationOlympic GamesIce hockey

Question 2:
  • ________ — often referred to simply as "league", and usually known simply as "football" or "footy" in the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland.
    American footballRugby leagueRugby unionRugby football

Question 3: The game played in England at this time may have arrived with the Roman occupation, but the only pre-Norman reference is to boys playing "ball games" in the ninth century ________.
King ArthurHistorical basis for King ArthurWalesHistoria Brittonum

Question 4: Shakespeare also mentions the game in ________ (Act II, Scene 1):
The Taming of the ShrewKing LearThe Two Gentlemen of VeronaThe Comedy of Errors

Question 5: The GAA sought to promote traditional Irish sports, such as ________ and to reject imported games like Rugby and Association football.
All-Ireland Senior B Hurling ChampionshipAll-Ireland Senior Hurling ChampionshipCroke ParkHurling

Question 6:
Who played Midge, 12 years the movie Football?
Sam Williams
Sam Williams
Rudi Tombs
Ewan Stewart

Question 7:
What role did Sam Williams play in the movie Football?
Midge, 9 years
Midge, 5 years
Midge, 12 years

Question 8: In Victoria, Australia, indigenous people played a game called ________ ("ball game").
Indigenous Australian food groupsPossum-skin cloakStolen GenerationsMarn Grook

Question 9: King ________ also presented one of the earliest documented uses of the English word "football", in 1409, when he issued a proclamation forbidding the levying of money for "foteball".
Henry IV of EnglandHenry V of EnglandRichard II of EnglandEdward III of England

Question 10: At the Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen Street, London on the evening of October 26, 1863, representatives of several football clubs in the London Metropolitan area met for the inaugural meeting of ________ (FA).
Scottish Football AssociationThe Football AssociationEngland national football teamIrish Football Association

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