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  • famine scales are the ways in which degrees of food security are measured, from situations in which an entire population has adequate food to full-scale famine?

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Question 1: [40] Approximately 2.4 billion people live in the ________ of the Himalayan rivers.
Drainage basinSediment transportDuneRiver delta

Question 2: A third approach is known as ________; though it overlaps with food justice on several points, the two are not identical.
Food security2007–2008 world food price crisisEcuadorFood sovereignty

Question 3: Worldwide around 852 million people are chronically hungry due to extreme poverty, while up to 2 billion people lack food security intermittently due to varying degrees of poverty (source: ________, 2003).
CyprusAzerbaijanUniversal Postal UnionFood and Agriculture Organization

Question 4: The fungus has spread from Africa to ________, and may already be in Pakistan.
Iran–Iraq WarIraqAzerbaijanIran

Question 5: Other countries affected include Pakistan, ________, and Iran.
AfghanistanNATOCentral Intelligence AgencyNon-Aligned Movement

Question 6: points to the misleading nature of the concept of subsistence as ________ originally used it and as it is still widely used today.
Thomas Robert MalthusJohn Stuart MillJeremy BenthamDavid Ricardo

Question 7: The Plan of Action sets a number of targets for ________ and non-governmental organizations for achieving food security, at the individual, household, national, regional and global levels.

Question 8: ________ has secured 250,000 hectares of Ukrainian farmland, and China has begun to explore land deals in Southeast Asia.

Question 9: ________'s food self-sufficiency declined and food imports rose.
AfricaScramble for AfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan Africa

Question 10: [1] In 2006, ________ reported that globally, the number of people who are overweight has surpassed the number who are undernourished - the world had more than one billion people who were overweight, and an estimated 800 million who were undernourished.


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