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Question 1: ________ and other retail food establishments fall under state law and are regulated by state or local health departments.
TourismWorld Tourism rankingsHotelRestaurant

Question 2: In 2003, the WHO and FAO published the ________ which serves as a guideline to food safety.
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control PointsWater activityFoodborne illnessCodex Alimentarius

Question 3: Direct linkages between farmer groups and traders or ultimate buyers, such as ________, can help avoid this problem.
CostcoFoodSafeway Inc.Supermarket

Question 4: According to the ________ and CDC in the USA alone there are every year 76 million of food bourne illnesses leading to 325'000 hopitalizations and 5000 deaths [18]
Food and Agriculture OrganizationWorld Health OrganizationSwitzerlandUniversal Postal Union

Question 5: ________ can transmit disease from person to person as well as serve as a growth medium for bacteria that can cause food poisoning.
Medieval cuisineFoodCookingMeat

Question 6: TTIs are already in use by retailers and food producers in France (Monoprix and ________), Switzerland (Kneuss), and other countries in western Europe.

Question 7: The parliament of the ________ (EU) makes legislation in the form of directives and regulations, many of which are mandatory for member states and which therefore must be incorporated into individual countries' national legislation.
GermanyEuropean UnionEuropean ParliamentDenmark

Question 8: Food safety[1] is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, and storage of ________ in ways that prevent foodborne illness.
Medieval cuisineCookingMeatFood

Question 9: ________ - containing a series standards
ISO/IEC 27001ISO 22000ISO/IEC 15693C Sharp (programming language)

Question 10: According to the UK minister ________ the use by date and sell by dates are old technologies that are outdated and should be replaced by other solutions or disposed of altogether.
Douglas AlexanderGordon BrownHilary BennDavid Miliband

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