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Question 1: Frozen foods (often credited to Clarence Birdseye) found their success in sales of juice concentrates and "________".
TV dinnerVegetableMaizePotato

Question 2: Removal of unwanted outer layers, such as potato peeling or the skinning of ________.

Question 3: Food processing can also add extra nutrients such as ________.
Folic acidCyanocobalaminCholineVitamin

Question 4: Examples of ready-meals also exist from pre industrial revolution times such as the ________ and the Haggis
PastyCornish diasporaEnglandCornwall

Question 5: Extreme examples of food processing include the delicate preparation of deadly fugu fish or preparing space food for consumption under ________.
NASAWeightlessnessForceInternational Space Station

Question 6: Factory automation systems (often ________) reduce personnel costs and may lead to more stable production results
Six SigmaQuick response manufacturingDistributed control systemANSI/ISA-95

Question 7: The food industry offers products that fulfil many different needs: From peeled potatoes that only have to be boiled at home to fully prepared ready meals that can be heated up in the ________ within a few minutes.
Microwave ovenAluminiumCarcinogenX-ray

Question 8: Addition of gas such as air entrainment for ________ or gasification of soft drinks
Medieval cuisineBreakfastRiceBread

Question 9: Liquefaction, such as to produce ________
Folic acidJuiceOrange juiceOrange (fruit)

Question 10: ________, for example, is destroyed by heat and therefore canned fruits have a lower content of vitamin C than fresh ones.
Vitamin CVitamin B12Folic acidVitamin C megadosage

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