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Question 1: This nutritional supplementation using foods as medicine (________) has been effectively used in treating disorders affecting the immune system up to and including cancers.

Question 2: Although iron intake is often sufficient in developing countries, the bioavailability of the dietary iron is low, due to such factors as polyphenols and ________ binding the iron and preventing its absorption.
AntioxidantAscorbic acidPhytic acidSoybean

Question 3: ________ salts are added to water and toothpastes to prevent tooth decay.
FluorideFluoride poisoningFluorineSodium fluoride

Question 4: ________ is frequently added to fruit juices, carbonated beverages and rice.

Question 5: "________" is a variety of rice which has been genetically modified to produce beta carotene.
MaizeGenetically modified foodGolden riceMonsanto

Question 6: ________ is added to flour in many industrialized countries, and has prevented a significant number of neural tube defects in infants[1].
Folic acidCholineVitaminCyanocobalamin

Question 7: ________ is added to a few foods (especially margarine).
1,25-DihydroxycholecalciferolEndocrine systemVitamin DMelatonin

Question 8: ________ is a controversial topic in some segments of the general public, although less so amongst established scientific bodies.
Opposition to water fluoridationDental cariesWater fluoridationFluoride therapy

Question 9: ________ has been added to bread in the USA since 1938 (when voluntary addition started), a programme which substantially reduced the incidence of pellagra.
Nicotinyl alcoholNiacinVitamin CAtorvastatin

Question 10: Iodised salt has been used in the ________ since before World War II.
United StatesCanadaPhilippinesAlaska


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