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Question 1: It is only when the food (providing ________) reacts with oxygen in the cells of living things that energy is released.
HydrogenNuclear powerCoalFuel

Question 2: Food energy is the amount of ________ available from food that is available through respiration.

Question 3: Prolonged exposure to extremely warm or very cold environments increases the ________ (BMR).
Heartbeat hypothesisAutonomic nervous systemMetabolismBasal metabolic rate

Question 4: Fuel intake to the body that is not respired is mostly stored as fat in the ________.
Adipose tissueBrown adipose tissueAdipocyteCollagen

Question 5: The kilojoule is the unit officially recommended by the ________[1] and other international organizations.
SwitzerlandWorld Health OrganizationUniversal Postal UnionFood and Agriculture Organization

Question 6: Fiber, fats, proteins, organic acids, polyols, and ________ all release energy during respiration - this is often called, unhelpfully, 'food energy'[2].
1,4-ButanediolAlcoholic beverageEthanolFlumazenil


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