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Question 1: One proprietary implementation of subpixel rendering is Microsoft's ________.
Internet ExplorerMicrosoft WindowsClearTypeDirectX

Question 2: A simpler type of font antialiasing was introduced in ________, in 1998.
Copland (operating system)Mac OS 8MacintoshSystem 7

Question 3: This often involves some ________ on screen text to make it smoother and easier to read.
Nyquist–Shannon sampling theoremAnti-aliasingRendering (computer graphics)Digital signal processing

Question 4: Font smoothing is also available as an installation file, released in 1997 for ________.
OS/2Windows 9xWindows 95Microsoft Windows

Question 5: In modern operating systems, rasterization is normally provided by a ________ common to many applications.
Mac OS XLibrary (computing).NET FrameworkUnix

Question 6: ________ has featured font anti-aliasing since 1990.
RISC OSBBC MicroARX (operating system)Acorn Computers

Question 7: Since ________, it has also supported subpixel rendering.
Windows XPWindows VistaWindows XP editionsMicrosoft Windows

Question 8: Windows since ________ has included a combination of font-level hinting and antialiasing.
Windows 95Windows MeWindows 2000Windows 98

Question 9: Such a shared library may be built in to the operating system or the ________, or it may be added at some later time.
Desktop environmentWindow MakerEnlightenment (window manager)Window manager

Question 10: Font rasterization is the process of converting text from a vector description (as found in scalable fonts such as ________) to a raster or bitmap description.
OpenTypeComputer fontTrueTypeTypeface


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