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Question 1: The familiar folktale, "________," is an example of this fine line.
Fairy taleHansel and GretelGrimm's Fairy TalesBrothers Grimm

Question 2: [5] The operative definition would depend on whether the artifacts are used and appreciated within the same community in which they are made, and whether they follow a community ________.
Applied aestheticsDavid HumeAestheticsArthur Schopenhauer

Question 3: Examples of such ________ are the themes woven round Saint George or Saint Christopher.
Christian mythologyOrthodox ChurchJesusChristianity

Question 4: Sometimes "folklore" is religious in nature, like the tales of the Welsh Mabinogion or those found in ________ skaldic poetry.

Question 5: [citation needed] Thus, Roman religion is called "myth" by ________.
ChristianityEcumenismChristian denominationBaptist

Question 6: Folklore can also be used to assert social pressures, or relieve them, in the case of humor and ________.
MaltaMardi GrasSpainCarnival

Question 7: Contemporary narratives common in the Western world include the ________.
Mircea EliadeUrban legendMythologyCharacter (arts)

Question 8: Many of the tales in the ________ of Jacob de Voragine also embody folklore elements in a Christian context, as well as the tales of Old Mr.
Saint GeorgeCatholic ChurchMargaret the VirginGolden Legend

Question 9: Examples of artists which have used folklore to produce beautiful music would be: ________, Flatt and Scruggs, Old Crow Medicine Show, Jim Croce, and many others.
Earl ScruggsBill MonroeBluegrass musicLester Flatt

Question 10: It has often been conflated with ________, and vice versa, because it has been assumed that any figurative story that does not pertain to the dominant beliefs of the time is not of the same status as those dominant beliefs.
MythologyReligion and mythologyMyth and ritualGreek mythology

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