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Question 1: ________ has been the domicile of parliament since 1849.
CopenhagenAmalienborg PalaceDenmarkChristiansborg Palace

Question 2: The Folketing (Danish Folketinget Danish pronunciation: [ˈfɔlɡəˌtʰeŋˤ]), is the national parliament of ________.

Question 3: Among the changes was the elimination of the Landsting and the introduction of a ________ parliament, known only as the Folketing.
United StatesUnited KingdomUnicameralismUnitary state

Question 4: From 1849 to 1953 the Folketing was one of the two houses in the ________ parliament known as the Rigsdag; the other house was known as the Landsting.
United States SenateUpper houseBicameralismAustralian Senate


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