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Folk religion: Quiz


Question 1: rituals to ward off the ________, curses, demons, witchcraft, etc.
Middle EastEvil eyeCentral AsiaEurope

Question 2: Popular theophanies, and similar phenomena like ________, originating outside the formal liturgy and hierarchy of the faiths in question.
Roman Catholic MariologyBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Marian apparitionRoman Catholic Marian churches

Question 3: Folk religion includes the ________ blending of indigenous religion with organised religion.

Question 4: Folk religion consists of ________ or regional religious customs under the umbrella of an organized religion, but outside of official doctrine and practices.
Ethnic groupIndigenous peoplesMoresSouth Asian ethnic groups

Question 5: belief in traditional systems of magic (hoodoo, voodoo, pow-wow, Benedicaria, ________,Santería and Catimbó)
OrishaPalo (religion)Yoruba religionAfro-American religion

Question 6: Protective qualities ascribed to religious objects like a particular copy of the ________, Voodoo pouches, a crucifix, stones, crystals, eagle feathers, or any other "power" object.
Nevi'imChristianity and JudaismBiblical canonBible

Question 7: ________ to honor a particular (aspect of) God or Goddess, to bring something into existence, to find love, etc.

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