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Question 1: The first folk high schools in ________ were established in 1868.

Question 2: Among the other old folk high schools in Denmark are Askov Højskole in ________ and Vallekilde Højskole in Zealand, both founded in 1865.
Schleswig-HolsteinJutlandJutland PeninsulaHaderslev

Question 3: Afterward, some teachers set up free educational lectures on humanist topics in order to struggle against the spread of ________ in France.
AntisemitismRacial antisemitismThe HolocaustJews

Question 4: As of 2007, there were 77 folk high schools spread across the country, thirty of which were ________ schools.
JesusChristianityChristianCatholic Church

Question 5: In recent history, ________ has exercised an increasingly important influence on Danish schools.
World Trade OrganizationGlobalizationASEANInternational Monetary Fund

Question 6: Grundtvig fought for a public education as an alternative to the ________ elite.
Gymnasium (school)CollegePrivate schoolUniversity

Question 7: The folk high schools should be for those wanting to learn in general and to help people form part of human relations and ________.
SocietyDemocracyJürgen HabermasPolitical philosophy

Question 8: However, unlike the folkuniversitet, folk high schools in Sweden are not connected to a regular ________.
Gymnasium (school)UniversityPrivate schoolCollege

Question 9: The break-through of the idea was the Second war of Schleswig in ________ where Denmark had to surrender a large part of its territory.
19571864January 1March 4

Question 10: Most of the schools have a special focus on for example sports, ________, art or writing.
Musical notationMusicClassical musicMusic theory


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