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Question 1: Those with limbs of relatively equal length are termed symmetrical, and those with highly unequal limbs are ________.
CP violationParticle physicsKaonAsymmetry

Question 2: Folds in rock are formed in relation to the stress field in which the rocks are located and the ________, or method of response to stress, of the rock at the time at which the stress is applied.
RheologyFluid dynamicsViscosityNon-Newtonian fluid

Question 3: These generally occur above a good detachment such as in the Jura mountains, where the detachment occurs on middle ________ evaporites.
TriassicDinosaurGeologic time scalePermian

Question 4: [19] Such folding is also a feature of many igneous intrusions and ________ ice.
Ice sheetLittle Ice AgeCurrent sea level riseGlacier

Question 5: The term fold is used in ________ when one or a stack of originally flat and planar surfaces, such as sedimentary strata, are bent or curved as a result of plastic (that is, permanent) deformation.
NatureEarthGeologyEarth science

Question 6: The hinge point is the point of minimum radius of ________ for a fold.
Gaussian curvatureFrenet–Serret formulasPrincipal curvatureCurvature

Question 7: A fold can be shaped as a chevron, with planar limbs meeting at an angular axis, as cuspate with curved limbs, as circular with a curved axis, or as elliptical with unequal ________.
WavelengthElectromagnetic radiationLightDiffraction


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