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Question 1: Turkish E.IIIs were based at ________ in Palestine while others operated in Mesopotamia during the Siege of Kut-al-Amara.
AshkelonArad, IsraelBeershebaAshdod

Question 2: The Fokker E.III was the main variant of the Eindecker (monoplane) fighter aircraft of ________.
Armenian GenocideCaucasus CampaignWorld War IWestern Front (World War I)

Question 3: It entered service on the Western Front in December 1915 and was also supplied to ________ and Turkey.
Austria–HungaryHoly Roman EmpireGerman EmpireOttoman Empire

Question 4: ________: E.I  • E.II  • E.III  • E.IV  • E.V
FokkerFokker D.XXIFokker C.VFokker F.VII

Question 5: Powerplant:Oberursel U.I 9-cylinder air-cooled ________, 75 kW (100 hp)
Radial engineTwo-stroke engineWankel engineRotary engine

Question 6: Previously, Eindeckers had been allocated singly, just as the E.I and E.II had been, to the front-line Feldflieger Abteilungen that carried out ________ duties.
United States Marine Air-Ground Task Force ReconnaissanceUnited States Marine Corps Force ReconnaissanceReconnaissanceSpecial reconnaissance

Question 7: ________ production figures state that 249 E.IIIs were manufactured; however, a number of the 49 E.IIs were upgraded to E.III standard when they were returned to Fokker's Schwerin factory for repairs.
FokkerFokker D.XXIFokker D.VIIFokker F.VII

Question 8: ________ was supplied with 22 E.III aircraft.
Battles involving the Ottoman EmpireOttoman NavyOttoman Air ForceOttoman Empire

Question 9: 1 × 7.92 mm (0.312 in) MG 08 ________
Assault rifleMachine gunFirearmM2 Browning machine gun


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