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Question 1: Whether they particularly sought the fattened livers of ________ as a delicacy remains undetermined.
SeabirdBird migrationBird nestBird vision

Question 2: [17] ________ (1st century AD) credits his contemporary, Roman gastronome Marcus Gavius Apicius, with feeding dried figs to geese in order to enlarge their livers:
CastraPliny the ElderRoman NavyRoman Empire

Question 3: The Judaic dietary law, ________, forbade lard as a cooking medium, and butter, too, was proscribed as an alternative since Kashrut also prohibited mixing meat and dairy products.
Hasidic JudaismKashrutHalakhaJudaism

Question 4: Sauces include onion or leek-based sauces, red wine or fortified red wine reductions, truffle and ________ sauces or wasabi drizzles.
Edible mushroomYeastMushroomFungus

Question 5: [38] The feed, usually corn boiled with fat (to facilitate ingestion), deposits large amounts of ________ in the liver, thereby producing the buttery consistency sought by the gastronome.
FatFatty acidTrans fatLipid

Question 6: Foie gras production has been banned in nations such as some members of the ________, Turkey, and Israel because of the force-feeding process.
European UnionGermanyEuropean ParliamentDenmark

Question 7: [10] The earliest reference to fattened geese is from the ________ Greek poet Cratinus, who wrote of geese-fatteners, yet Egypt maintained its reputation as the source for fattened geese.
7th century BC4th century BC5th century BC6th century BC

Question 8: Many presentations of foie gras match it to a sweet fruit, including quince, pears, ________, prunes, plums, cherries, raspberries, blackcurrants, huckleberries, figs or elderberries.
York ImperialZestar AppleAppleGranny Smith

Question 9: Traditional low-heat cooking methods result in terrines, pâtés, parfaits, foams and mousses of foie gras, often flavored with truffle, mushrooms or ________ such as cognac or armagnac.
Alcoholic beverageBrandyRumRakia

Question 10: The technique of gavage dates as far back as 2500 BC, when the ________ began keeping birds for food and deliberately fattened the birds through force-feeding.
Alexander the GreatPtolemaic KingdomAncient EgyptNew Kingdom

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