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Foam: Quiz


Question 1: Stabilisation of foam is caused by van der Waals forces between the molecules in the foam, ________ created by dipolar surfactants, and the Marangoni effect, which acts as a restoring force to the lamellas.
Double layer (interfacial)ColloidLiquidElectrophoresis

Question 2: The unique property of gas-liquid foams having very high specific surface area are exploited in the chemical processes of ________ and foam fractionation.
Dissolved air flotationLiquid-liquid extractionDistillationFroth flotation

Question 3: For example, foam is a serious problem in the ________, especially for biochemical processes.
PetrochemicalDow Chemical CompanyPlasticChemical industry

Question 4: A modern application of foam technology is ________, which is a closed-cell foam with very good insulatory properties, that is also very light.

Question 5: The low ________ of these foams made them excellent as thermal insulators and flotation devices, and their lightness and compressibility made them ideal as packing materials and stuffings.

Question 6: Examples of items produced using this process include arm rests, ________, shoe soles, and mattresses.
Infant car seatChild safety seatChild safety lockInfant bed

Question 7: The most general definition of foam is a substance that is formed by trapping many gas bubbles in a ________ or solid.
ColloidSupercritical fluidPhase transitionLiquid

Question 8: In some ways, leavened ________ is a foam, as the yeast causes the bread to rise by producing tiny bubbles of gas in the dough.
Medieval cuisineBreadRiceBreakfast

Question 9: For this reason, ________, like silicone oils, are added to prevent these problems.
DefoamerPolydimethylsiloxanePetroleumOil refinery

Question 10: Several conditions are needed to produce foam: there must be mechanical work, surface active components that reduce the ________, and the formation of foam must be faster than its breakdown.
Surface tensionFluid staticsViscosityFluid dynamics

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