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Question 1: During World War II, ________ scored 12 victories and Katya Budanova achieved 11.
Ilyushin Il-2Soviet Air ForcesYekaterina BudanovaLydia Litvyak

Question 2: [5] The ________ followed a similar practice.
United States Army Air CorpsAeronautical Division, U.S. Signal CorpsUnited States Army Air Service1st Operations Group

Question 3: And yet, to quote an extreme example, in the ________, both the U.S.
Korean WarCold WarVietnam WarSino-Soviet border conflict

Question 4: Medal of Honor recipients Jefferson DeBlanc and ________ became aces on their first combat missions in Guadalcanal, scoring five kills and seven kills respectively.
James E. SwettJefferson J. DeBlancUnited States Marine CorpsF4U Corsair

Question 5: On December 5, 1941, the leading Australian ace of World War II, ________, destroyed five German aircraft in the space of a few minutes, also in North Africa.
Hawker HurricaneClive CaldwellNo. 1 Wing RAAFCurtiss P-40

Question 6: A flying ace or fighter ace is a military aviator credited with shooting down several enemy ________ during aerial combat.
Business jetDouble-deck aircraftAircraftWide-body aircraft

Question 7: ________
List of World War II flying aces from RomaniaList of World War II aces by countryList of World War II aces from GermanyList of World War II aces from Austria

Question 8: ________ is credited with the destruction of 13 aircraft in a single mission on October 11, 1943.
Adolf GallandJohannes SteinhoffHeinrich BärErich Rudorffer

Question 9: In 1914–16, the ________ did not have a centralised system of recording aerial victories; in fact, this was done at only squadron level throughout the war.
BarbadosInformal EmpireBritish EmpireNauru

Question 10: This is the reason why "ace" is also used to refer to non-aviators who have distinguished themselves by sinking ________ and destroying tanks.
Fishing vesselShipHerring BussFelucca

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