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Flying Elephant: Quiz


Question 1: Furthermore, the role of the Flying Elephant was changed from a vague 'attack' role to that of a 'tank-buster' when it was feared that the Germans were developing their own ________.
Armoured warfareTank classificationSelf-propelled gunArmoured fighting vehicle

Question 2: In June, this program was expanded by testing several types of plate at Shoeburyness, delivered by armour producer ________.
23 class airshipR23X class airshipWilliam Beardmore and CompanyR33 class airship

Question 3: A direct hit by a shell would destroy the vehicle, a major drawback on a battlefield saturated with ________ fire.
ArtilleryNaval warfareSiegeMilitary history

Question 4: The ________ resembled those of the Mark I, but were flatter and 61 centimetres wide.
Caterpillar Inc.Continuous trackTankTracked vehicle

Question 5: However, the ________ was estimated at roughly a hundred tons, much heavier than the 28 tons of the Mark I.
MassEarth's gravityWeightForce

Question 6: Each engine had its own primary ________, both of which drove into one single differential.
Automatic transmissionDirect-Shift GearboxAutomobileTransmission (mechanics)

Question 7: The Flying Elephant was a proposed super-heavy tank, planned but never built by the British during ________.
Caucasus CampaignArmenian GenocideWestern Front (World War I)World War I

Question 8: The Tank Supply Committee approved the production of a ________ on 19 June 1916, but the design was not to be finalised until late August 1916.
BreadboardPrototypeKilogramPlanck constant

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