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Question 1: The flute is a ________ of the woodwind family.
Musical instrumentMusical notationByzantine lyraClassical music

Question 2: The earliest extant transverse flute is a chi () flute discovered in the Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng at the Suizhou site, Hubei province, ________.
Religion in ChinaProvince (China)Time in ChinaChina

Question 3: An ________ hole is positioned near the top, across and into which the player blows.
Cor anglais (English horn)OboeClarinetEmbouchure

Question 4: Essay on the Jiahu flutes from the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History at ________
Western paintingUnited StatesMuseum of Modern ArtMetropolitan Museum of Art

Question 5: A flute produces ________ when a stream of air directed across a hole in the instrument creates a vibration of air at the hole.
Sound pressureFrequencySoundParticle velocity

Question 6: However, some flutes, such as the whistle, gemshorn, flageolet, recorder, tin whistle, tonette, fujara, and ________ have a duct that directs the air onto the edge (an arrangement that is termed a "fipple").
Wind instrumentMusical instrumentWestern concert fluteOcarina

Question 7: This excites the air contained in the usually cylindrical ________ within the flute.
Electrical networkResonatorElectrical impedanceMaxwell's equations

Question 8: Chi flutes are mentioned in Shi Jing, compiled and edited by ________, according to tradition.
Gottfried LeibnizPlatoConfuciusAristotle

Question 9: The second, the Venu or Pullanguzhal, has eight finger holes, and is played predominantly in the ________ of Southern India.
DheerasankarabharanamCarnatic musicDhenukaBhupalam

Question 10: The Western concert flute, a descendant of the 19th-century ________, is a transverse flute that is closed at the top.
Flute concertoWestern concert fluteAlto flutePiccolo


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