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Question 1: The direct deposition of fluphenazine in the ________ and retina has so far not been reported.
Iris (anatomy)CorneaScleraBowman's membrane

Question 2: Its main use is as a long acting injection given once every two or three weeks to people with ________ who have a poor compliance with medication and suffer frequent relapses of illness.
Bipolar disorderMental disorderSchizophreniaMajor depressive disorder

Question 3: Fluphenazine is a typical antipsychotic drug used for the treatment of psychoses such as schizophrenia and acute manic phases of ________.
Schizoaffective disorderMajor depressive disorderBipolar disorderMania

Question 4: Long term side effects include the potentially irreversible tardive dyskinesia and the potentially fatal ________.
Restless legs syndromeSerotonin syndromeNeuroleptic malignant syndromeParkinson's disease

Question 5: It belongs to the piperazine class of phenothiazines and is extremely potent; more potent than haloperidol and around fifty to seventy times the potency of ________.

Question 6: Its side effect profile is similar to haloperidol, namely predominantly dopamine-blocking effects which give rise to ________, parkinsonism and tremor.
MigraineAkathisiaRestless legs syndromeDementia with Lewy bodies

Question 7: Notable side effects include ________, extrapyramidal side effects, including tardive dyskinesia and Rabbit syndrome.
Dementia with Lewy bodiesRestless legs syndromeAkathisiaMigraine

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