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Question 1: Another common procedure is the modified barium swallow study during which ________-impregnated liquids and solids are ingested by the patient.

Question 2: The development of the ________ and the television camera in the 1950s revolutionized fluoroscopy.
Digital subtraction angiographyX-ray image intensifierEndoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatographyElectron

Question 3: While much of the energy given to the ________ is dissipated as heat, a fraction of it is given off as visible light, producing the images.

Question 4: However, modern fluoroscopes couple the screen to an ________ and CCD video camera allowing the images to be recorded and played on a monitor.
ElectronDigital subtraction angiographyFluoroscopyX-ray image intensifier

Question 5: ________ to guide fracture reduction and the placement of metalwork.
Infectious diseaseOrthopedic surgeryOrgan transplantSpecialty (medicine)

Question 6: The addition of the ________ enabled viewing of the image on a monitor, allowing a radiologist to view the images in a separate room away from the risk of radiation exposure.
Digital single-lens reflex cameraRangefinder cameraPhotographyCamera

Question 7: Images on the screen are produced as the unattenuated x rays interact with atoms in the screen through the photoelectric effect, giving their energy to the ________.

Question 8: In its infancy, many incorrectly predicted that the moving images from fluoroscopy would completely replace the still x-ray ________, but the superior diagnostic quality of the earlier radiographs prevented this from occurring.
Gamma rayRadiographyIonizing radiationMedical radiography

Question 9: More modern improvements in screen ________, image intensifiers and even flat panel detectors have allowed for increased image quality while minimizing the radiation dose to the patient.

Question 10: Early ________ would adapt their eyes to view the dim fluoroscopic images by sitting in darkened rooms, or by wearing red adaptation goggles.
MedicineNuclear medicineRadiologySurgery


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