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Question 1: In ________, fluoride salts are commonly used to inhibit the activity of phosphatases, such as serine/threonine phosphatases.
BiochemistryProteinMetabolismAmino acid

Question 2: Numerous drugs contain fluorine including antipsychotics such as fluphenazine, ________ such as tipranavir, antibiotics such as ofloxacin and trovafloxacin, and anesthetics such as halothane.
Protease inhibitor (pharmacology)Reverse transcriptase inhibitorAntiviral drugLamivudine

Question 3: Compounds containing fluoride anions and in many cases those containing ________ to fluorine are called fluorides.
Covalent bondChemical bondMetallic bondAromaticity

Question 4: Fluoride-containing compounds are used in topical and systemic ________ for preventing tooth decay.
Water fluoridationOpposition to water fluoridationTooth (human)Fluoride therapy

Question 5: Water with underground sources is more likely to have higher levels of fluoride, whereas the concentration in seawater averages 1.3 ________ (ppm).
SI prefixUnited States customary unitsLong and short scalesParts-per notation

Question 6: ________ is the most important fluoride synthesized.
Hydrofluoric acidFluorineHydrochloric acidSulfuric acid

Question 7: Fluoride is the ________ F, the reduced form of fluorine.
ElectrolyteLithium-ion batteryIonHalf cell

Question 8: [8] Beryllium fluoride and aluminium fluoride are also used as phosphatase inhibitors, since these compounds are structural mimics of the ________ group and can act as analogues of the transition state of the reaction.
PhosphorusPhosphate homeostasisPhosphateAdenosine triphosphate

Question 9: Soluble fluoride salts, of which ________ is the most common, are mildly toxic but have resulted in both accidental and suicidal deaths from acute poisoning.
Sodium seleniteSodium fluorideSodium selenateSodium monofluorophosphate

Question 10: Fluorine-containing compounds range from potent toxins such as sarin to life-saving pharmaceuticals such as ________ and from refractory materials such as calcium fluoride to the highly reactive sulfur tetrafluoride.

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