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Fluid mechanics: Quiz


Question 1: Similarly, it can sometimes be assumed that the ________ of the fluid is zero (the fluid is inviscid).
RheologySurface tensionViscosityFluid dynamics

Question 2: Fluid mechanics is the study of how fluids move and the ________ on them.
ForceClassical mechanicsEnergyPhysics

Question 3: Medieval Islamic physicists, including ________ and Al-Khazini, combined that earlier work with dynamics to presage the later development of fluid dynamics.
Abu Rayhan BiruniAl-KindiAlhazenNasir al-Din al-Tusi

Question 4: The constant of proportionality between the shear stress and the velocity gradient is known as the ________.
ViscositySurface tensionRheologyFluid dynamics

Question 5: Also taking advantage of the highly visual nature of fluid flow is ________, an experimental method for visualizing and analyzing fluid flow.
OpticsHolographyCameraParticle image velocimetry

Question 6: This is a field of sciences by its own called ________.
Computational fluid dynamicsMonte Carlo methodComputational physicsRiemann solver

Question 7: This will gradually fill up over time – this behaviour is seen in materials such as pudding, oobleck, or ________ (although sand isn't strictly a fluid).

Question 8: Fluid mechanics is a subdiscipline of ________, as illustrated in the following table.
RheologyContinuum mechanicsFluid dynamicsViscosity

Question 9: A modern discipline, called ________ (CFD), is devoted to this approach to solving fluid mechanics problems.
Computational physicsComputational fluid dynamicsRiemann solverMonte Carlo method

Question 10: Sometimes it can best be solved by ________, typically using computers.
Optimization (mathematics)Numerical analysisCalculusMathematical analysis


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