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Fluid and crystallized intelligence: Quiz


Question 1: ________ capacity is closely related to fluid intelligence, and has been proposed to account for individual differences in Gf.
Working memoryLong-term memoryExceptional memoryPsychogenic amnesia

Question 2: For example, the ________ (WAIS) measures fluid intelligence on the performance scale and crystallized intelligence on the verbal scale.
Wechsler Adult Intelligence ScaleStanford-Binet Intelligence ScalesDavid WechslerIntelligence quotient

Question 3: In psychology, fluid and crystallized intelligence (abbreviated Gf and Gc, respectively) are factors of general intelligence originally identified by ________.
Educational psychologyRaymond CattellHans EysenckPersonality psychology

Question 4: Fluid and crystallized intelligence are correlated with each other, and most ________ attempt to measure both varieties.
Intelligence quotientHealth and intelligenceSex and intelligenceRace and intelligence


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