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Flugelhorn: Quiz


Question 1: Joe Bishop, as a member of the ________ band in 1936, was one of the earliest jazz musicians to make use of the flugelhorn.
Woody HermanBenny GoodmanBuddy DeFrancoArtie Shaw

Question 2:

Question 3:
Which of the following are related to Flugelhorn?
Audi TT Mk2
Krakatoa Revealed
* Boeing F2Bn* Boeing F4B
* Trumpetn* Cornetn* Bass trumpetn* Flumpet

Question 4: The flugelhorn is built in the same B pitch as many trumpets and ________.
Brass instrumentHorn (instrument)TromboneCornet

Question 5: The flugelhorn's main areas of use are in jazz, the ________, and popular music, although it does appear occasionally in orchestral writing.
Concert bandBrass band (British style)Brass bandBrass instrument

Question 6: ________ helped further to popularize the instrument in jazz on the albums Miles Ahead and Sketches of Spain, both of which were arranged by Gil Evans, although he did not use it much on later projects.
1958 MilesThe Complete On the Corner Sessions'Round About MidnightMiles Davis

Question 7: Some modern flugelhorns are built with a fourth valve, which takes them down in pitch a perfect fourth (similar to the fourth valve sometimes found on ________, tubas, horns and piccolo trumpets, as well as the trigger on trombones).
Alto hornEuphoniumCornetBrass instrument

Question 8: Shorty Rogers and Kenny Baker began playing it in the early fifties, and ________ used it with Duke Ellington's orchestra in the middle fifties.
Louie BellsonPaul GonsalvesClark TerryButch Ballard

Question 9: The flugelhorn figured prominently in many of ________'s 1960s pop song arrangements, and more recently in compositions by the indie band Beirut, which became popular in 2006.
Carole Bayer SagerDionne WarwickBurt BacharachHal David

Question 10: Some of the more famous orchestral works with flugelhorn include ________'s Threni, Ralph Vaughan Williams's Ninth Symphony, and Michael Tippett's third symphony.
Sviatoslav RichterIgor StravinskyDmitri ShostakovichMstislav Rostropovich


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