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Question 1:
What is the street address of Florida State University?

Question 2: Florida State is a flagship university in the ________.
State University System of Florida LibrariesFlorida Board of GovernorsState University System of FloridaUniversity of Central Florida

Question 3: As a part of the State University System of Florida, Florida State University falls under the purview of the ________.
University of FloridaFlorida Board of GovernorsState University System of Florida LibrariesUniversity of Central Florida

Question 4: The FSU Research Foundation buildings as well as the ________ are located in Innovation Park and the Alumni Village, family style student housing are located off Levy.
Florida Gators footballNational High Magnetic Field LaboratoryMacroCenterFlorida Cup

Question 5:
Where does Florida State University come from?
United States

Question 6: Sears, Playwright and Television Writer/Producer Alan Ball, British politician ________, and Col.
Peter MandelsonPeter HainMo MowlamJohn Reid (politician)

Question 7:
What type is thing is Florida State University?

Question 8: A number of groups based in the United States, including one led by Robert A. Holton, attempted a total synthesis of the molecule, starting from ________-derived starting materials.
Chemical industryPolycarbonateEthylenePetrochemical

Question 9:
What is the motto of Florida State University?
Abeunt Studia in Mores
Eruditio mores futurum
Vires, artes, mores
Ad Deum Per Fidem Mores Culturam

Question 10: [8] The university comprises 15 separate ________ and 39 centers, facilities, labs and institutes that offer more than 300 programs of study, including professional programs.
Middle schoolCollegePublic school (government funded)Gymnasium (school)


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