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Florence flask: Quiz


Question 1: A Florence flask (also known as a boiling flask) is a type of flask used as an item of ________.
Laboratory glasswareLaboratory flaskSchlenk flaskRound-bottom flask

Question 2: Traditional Florence flasks typically do not have a ________ on their rather longer necks but typically have a slight lip or flange around the tip of the neck.
Ground glass jointLaboratory glasswareCondenser (laboratory)Bung

Question 3: A common size for a Florence flask is a volume of 1 ________.
PintUnited States customary unitsLitreMetric system

Question 4: It can be used as a container to hold solutions of ________.
CarbonOxygenChemical substanceChemistry

Question 5: They are often made of ________ to prevent cracks or defacing of the glass.
CorningWareBorosilicate glassZerodurMACOR

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