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Question 1: These have a very low ________, which is why they 'flood' rather than form taller volcanoes.
Fluid dynamicsRheologySurface tensionViscosity

Question 2: These phenocrysts are pyroxenes (augite and pigeonite), plagioclases, opaque ________ such as titanomagnetite or ilmenite, and occasionally some olivine.
Crystal structureCrystalCarbonSolid

Question 3: Flood basalts have erupted at random intervals throughout geological history and are clear evidence that the ________ undergoes periods of enhanced activity rather than being in a uniform steady state.

Question 4: Flood basalts have tholeiite and ________ compositions (according to the classification of Yoder and Tilley).
QuartzIgneous rockForsteriteOlivine

Question 5: The thickness can vary from 2000 metres (Deccan Traps) to 12,000 m (________).
Lake MichiganGreat LakesLake HuronLake Superior

Question 6: To obtain a partial fusion as large as that of the traps, expelling huge quantities of lava, it is necessary to have a large ________ input.
HeatTemperatureInternal energyEnergy

Question 7: A flood basalt or trap basalt is the result of a giant volcanic eruption or series of eruptions that coats large stretches of land or the ocean floor with ________ lava.
GraniteKomatiiteIgneous rockBasalt

Question 8: The Deccan Traps of central ________, the Siberian Traps and the Columbia River Plateau of western North America are three regions covered by prehistoric flood basalts.
India and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis WingIndiaLok Sabha

Question 9: Degassing was easy (magma maintained at a high temperature and more fluid in a chamber of a size such that confining ________ did not confine gases to the melt before expulsion).
VacuumPressure measurementPressureForce

Question 10: Flood basalts have occurred on continental scales (________) in prehistory, creating great plateaus and mountain ranges.
Large igneous provinceDeccan TrapsHigh Arctic Large Igneous ProvinceNorth Atlantic Igneous Province


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