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Question 1: ________ seeds (Horseradish Tree)
Tamil languageGolden Shower TreeMoringa oleiferaIndia

Question 2: In ________, the process is used to refer to the asexual aggregation of microorganisms.

Question 3: Deflocculation is also used to describe the undesired effect in an ________ basin if the sludge is subjected to high-speed mixing.
Aerated lagoonActivated sludgeSewage treatmentIndustrial wastewater treatment

Question 4: Flocculation is widely employed to measure the progress of curd formation while in the initial stages of making many ________ to determine how long the curds must set.

Question 5: For ________, flocculation describes clustering of individual dispersed droplets together, whereby the individual droplets do not lose their identity.
Cream (pharmaceutical)ColloidEmulsionDosage form

Question 6: Flocculation and sedimentation are widely employed in the purification of ________ as well as sewage treatment, stormwater treatment and treatment of other industrial wastewater streams.
Drinking waterAzerbaijanWater qualityMorocco

Question 7: In ________, and in the earth sciences, flocculation is a condition in which clays, polymers or other small charged particles become attached and form a fragile structure, a floc.
Electrical engineeringCivil engineeringEnvironmental engineeringStructural engineering

Question 8: Flocculants, or flocculating agents (also known as flocking agents), are chemicals that promote flocculation by causing ________ and other suspended particles in liquids to aggregate, forming a floc.
SuperfluidSolidPlasma (physics)Colloid

Question 9: [3][4] The reaction involving the ________ micelles are modeled by Smoluchowski Kinetics.

Question 10: According to the ________ definition, flocculation is "a process of contact and adhesion whereby the particles of a dispersion form larger-size clusters." Flocculation is synonymous with agglomeration and coagulation.
International Union of Pure and Applied ChemistryIUPAC nomenclaturePotassiumCarbon


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