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Flip the Frog: Quiz


Question 1: Flip the Frog is an animated cartoon character created by American cartoonist ________.
Mickey MouseBob ClampettUb IwerksWalt Disney

Question 2: The short was produced in two-color ________ and is the only Flip cartoon known have been processed in color.
Warner Bros.TechnicolorColor motion picture filmRKO Pictures

Question 3: While investigating in a ________, Flip stumbles into an opium den, inhales the stuff via opium pipe, and begins hallucinating.

Question 4: Due to the influx of ________ animators to Iwerks' studio, such as Natwick, the shorts became increasingly risqué.
New York metropolitan areaBrooklynNew York CityManhattan

Question 5: Flip's origins are said to have been rooted in the "________" cartoon Night.
The Skeleton DanceSilly SymphoniesThree Little Wolves (film)The Golden Touch (film)

Question 6: Most of the Flip cartoons are now available on ________, in particular, on the Cartoons That Time Forgot series.
LaserdiscBlu-ray DiscDVDHD DVD

Question 7: Flip's major redesign is attributed to Grim Natwick, who made a name for himself at the Fleischer Studios with the creation of ________.
Beetle BaileyFelix the CatHenry (comics)Betty Boop

Question 8: The series had many recurring characters besides Flip, including Flip's dog, the mule Orace, and a dizzy neighborhood ________.
Free loveFeminismSpinsterKatharine Hepburn

Question 9: However, some evidence points to the second Flip short, Flying Fists to have been produced in Technicolor as well and some have speculated that the later Techno-Cracked (1933) may have been photographed in ________.
TrucolorColor motion picture filmPrizmaCinecolor

Question 10: The short was animated by Ub Iwerks while working for his colleague and friend ________ in 1930.
Walt Disney Animation StudiosDisneyToon StudiosWalt DisneyWalt Disney Pictures

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