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Flint the Time Detective: Quiz


Question 1: ________ as Masked Man/Dark Lord
Namco × CapcomToshiyuki MorikawaFumihiko TachikiWataru Takagi

Question 2: Flint the Time Detective, known in ________ as Space-Time Detective Genshi-kun (時空探偵ゲンシクン Jikū Tantei Genshi-kun?), is an animated Japanese television series directed by Hiroshi Fukutomi.
CanadaCambodiaJapanUnited Kingdom

Question 3: Yuniita / Unita: A telepathic Time Shifter that looks like a winged unicorn (________ to be exact).
PoseidonGreek mythologyMusePegasus

Question 4: Found in Hong Kong in the year 1972 by ________.
Bruce LeeYip ManBrandon LeeJeet Kune Do

Question 5: Found in Edo-era Japan with ________.
Takeda ShingenToyotomi HideyoshiTokugawa IeyasuOda Nobunaga

Question 6: Mosbee-Con is a real ________ and has a club attached to his trunk which fires the Petra-Freeze attack.
DeinotheriumWoolly mammothMegalaniaMoa

Question 7: Knuckle could be a reference to the film ________.
Bruce Lee: A Warrior's JourneyEnter the DragonBruce LeeThe Big Boss

Question 8: His English name is an obvious play on ________.
John Watson (Sherlock Holmes)Arthur Conan DoyleProfessor MoriartySherlock Holmes

Question 9: ________'s Ursula looks very similar to Petra, maybe as a tribute to her.
United StatesDinosaur KingCanadaAnimax

Question 10: He was found by the famous author ________ who used Nightcap to sleep.
Hans Christian AndersenDenmarkHarald ScharffCopenhagen

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