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Flight of the Earls: Quiz


Question 1: As king of ________ he had a better understanding of the advantages of working with local chiefs in the Scottish Highlands.
WalesScotlandUnited KingdomEngland

Question 2: They planned to return to ________ and campaign for the recovery of their lands, with the support of Spain, but both died in exile.
WalesIrish peopleIrelandNorthern Ireland

Question 3: There is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Flight of the Earls and the subsequent Plantation in ________ in Northern Ireland and at the "Flight of the Earls Centre" in the Martello Tower at Rathmullan.

Question 4: As accused, for him to have been properly tried, he should have been tried by his peers in the Peerage of Ireland, under the presiding authority of the ________.
Lord High Steward of IrelandGeorge IV of the United KingdomEarl of ShrewsburyVictoria of the United Kingdom

Question 5: Chichester proposed a new plantation of settlers from England, Wales and Scotland, sponsored in part by the City of London merchants, which became known as the ________.
Irish Rebellion of 1641Plantations of IrelandIrelandPlantation of Ulster

Question 6: This was not a new policy but was a well-understood and longstanding practice in the ________.
Ireland 1536–1691Tudor reconquest of IrelandHistory of IrelandPlantations of Ireland

Question 7: Their destination was Spain, but they disembarked in ________ and proceeded overland to Spanish Flanders, some remaining in Leuven, whilst the main party continued to Italy.
CanadaUnited KingdomUnited StatesFrance

Question 8: In 2008 there were also celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Earls in ________.

Question 9: The discovery of the ________ in the same year made it harder for Catholics to appear loyal to both the crown and the papacy.
Guy FawkesGunpowder PlotGuy Fawkes NightChristopher Wright

Question 10: In a Papal Bull of 1555, the Pope had conferred the title King of Ireland on ________ when he was married to Queen Mary.
Philip II of SpainCharles V, Holy Roman EmperorPhilip IV of SpainPhilip III of Spain


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