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Flea beetle: Quiz


Question 1: The German name Erdflöhe (literally "earth ________") refers to their jumping ability and this behavior of hiding in the soil.

Question 2: A few species have even been introduced to various locations as ________ against some weeds.
PredationBiological pest controlBeetleInsect

Question 3: It has a toxic latex and is generally avoided by ________.

Question 4: Other flea beetle species are beneficial, feeding on ________ and similar nuisance plants.
Weed controlWeedAgricultureCannabis

Question 5: Though most tribes of the Galerucinae are suspect of rampant paraphyly in the present delimitation, the Alticini seem to form a good ________ at least for the most part.
Ghost lineageCladePhylogeneticsComputational phylogenetics

Question 6: Flea beetles is a general name applied to the small, jumping ________ of the leaf beetle family (Chrysomelidae).

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