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Question 1: In 1314, the brothers d'Aulnoy, who were lovers to the daughters-in-law of king ________, were flayed alive, then castrated and beheaded; and their bodies were exposed on a gibbet.
Philip IV of FranceCharles IV of FrancePhilip III of FrancePhilip V of France

Question 2:
Flaying, Skin and Birthmark are all:
Skin People executed by flaying Torture Execution methods

Question 3:
Flaying, Lethal injection and Scaphism are all:
Skin People executed by flaying Execution methods Torture

Question 4: In 1404 or 1417, the Hurufi Imad ud-Din Nesîmî, an ________ poet of Turkic extraction, was flayed alive, apparently on orders of a Timurid governor, and for heresy.
Muslim historyMosqueIslamIslamic schools and branches

Question 5: The ________ of Mexico flayed victims of ritual human sacrifice, generally after death.
Pre-Columbian eraAztecInca EmpireMesoamerican chronology

Question 6: Tradition holds that Saint ________ was flayed before being crucified.
Bartholomew the ApostleJude the ApostleJesusSaint Peter

Question 7: In 1944, a three-year-old ________ boy, Tomislav Vucetic, was allegedly skinned alive by pro-Axis Kosovar militiamen.
SerbsSerbian diasporaBelgradeSerbia

Question 8: Mani, founding prophet of ________, was said to have been flayed or beheaded (c.

Question 9:
Flaying, Milgram experiment and Torture are all:
Torture Skin People executed by flaying Execution methods

Question 10: The Talmud discusses how ________ was flayed by the Romans for the public teaching of Torah.
Elisha ben AbuyahJoshua ben HananiahAkiva ben JosephSifre

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